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Are you tired of running your business with Operational Business Software designed for other people? Here at Central One, we understand that the Thermoforming marketplace is unique and requires software designed specifically for you.

The Thermoforming version of our Central One Software system combines all of the features of our Standard Manufacturing system with a number of powerful additions targeting it specifically to the needs of the thermoforming marketplace. This version includes a full-featured Quotation package that includes Raw Material definition, Fixed Costs additions, Tooling Specifications, Forming details, Material calculations, Forming configurations, Operations descriptions and Packaging options. The Quotation package will automatically generate the quote, including multiple price breaks if required, and will also generate BoM’s to create the formings when the order is placed.

Our sophisticated Multiple Call Off Manager allows for the cut and thrust of normal business life. Call-Off’s can be defined, modified, brought forward or delayed. One-off price adjustments can be made to get that crucial job pulled forward. Once a call-off is ready to be manufactured the Multiple Call-Off Manger will allow you to generate the Production Job or Jobs required to fulfil it.

The Production Job module schedules Jobs according to required date, machine and run sequence and includes provision for such details as tooling, cutters and anvils.

Our Alternative Materials Manager allows use of different materials depending on stock provision and delivery requirements. Material Specifications are entered to define a particular material or roll and then conversion factors can be applied with our Materials Calculator to help define alternative routes.

A basic tenet of Central One is traceability. Our product places full traceability on materials and formings and meets the strict requirements of compliances such as the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Food Standard.

Finally our sophisticated Labelling system will see your finished products through the door in whatever boxes and pallets you require.

Central One’s Thermoforming extensions make it the product of choice for companies operating in the Thermoforming or Vacuum Packing Industries.

More details of our Thermoforming product extensions are shown on the right. For even more product features please visit our

Standard Manufacturing pages.


• • Raw Material Specification
• Material Thickness
• Material Class
• Material Details
• Colour
• Density
• Sell Price per Kg

• • Fixed Costs
• Re-Ruling Costs
• Misc Costs

• • Tooling Specifications
• Impressions per Tool
• Index
• Tool Width
• Raw Material Width
• Tooling Cost
• Trim Size

• • Forming
• Width
• Length
• Height
• Weight
• Cutting Factor
• Total Knife

• • Configuration
• Width Number
• Length Number

• • Additional Forming Quantities
• Lids and Bottoms

• • Operations Information
• Estimated Cycles per Minute
• Estimated Set Up Time
• Formings per Hour
• Machine Cost per Hour

• • Packaging
• Carton
• Lining
• Layer Pad
• Divider
• Packing Factor
• Nesting Distance
• Configuration
• Quantity in Stacks
• Number in Stacks
• Quantity in a Box
• Total Packing Costs per Box
• Max Pallet Height
• Boxes per Pallet

• • Multiple Quantity Price Breaks
• • Generate Quote
• • Generate BoM

Multiple Call-Off Manager
• Schedule Manager
• Unlimited call offs per order
• Call off schedule report
• Price adjustment per call off
• Simple adjust Qty and Date
• Generates production jobs
Production Jobs
• • Job Run Scheduler
• Date
• Machine
• Run Sequence
• • Predicted Total Run Hours
• • Tool Required
• • Cutter Required
• • Anvil Required (optional)
• • Run with Pri or Alt BoM Matl
Alternative Materials
• • Material Definition Editor
• UoM
• Width
• Length
• Height
• Thickness
• Density
• • Alternative Materials Calc
• Material Conversion Factor
• • Multiple Alternatives Available
• • Multiple Alternative Selections
• • Roll End Management
• • Full Trace-ability on Materials and Formings
• • Box
• • Pallet
• • Material
• • Full Description
• Quantities
• Label Numbers
• Packaging Details
•• • Including Regulatory Requirements

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