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Our products cater for the needs of most businesses but, every once in a while, we come across companies that are just so different in the things that they do or the way in which they operate that standard products will just not suffice.

We prefer to offer a custom solution to those customers; one that mirrors their business practices; one that fits them perfectly instead of shoe-horning them into standard offerings as some other software companies attempt to do.

Our products can be easily modified to provide functionality specifically required by each client. And when modification is just not enough we can write custom modules that integrate seamlessly to provide the features that map your needs precisely.

We will work closely with to understand your business, to help you define exactly what you need from your business system and we will then produce a system to reflect those needs and requirements.

Whilst this system will be unique to you it will still be implemented using proven technology from our products that are used daily by over 1000 users. You expect quality and reliability. We can provide these in an environment that exactly meets the needs of your business.