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Replacing your business system can seem like a daunting exercise and, whilst we believe that the benefits of our Enterprise One operational business systems outweigh these concerns, we understand that not all of our clients will want to undertake that exercise for various reasons.

We can, however, offer another alternative to those who need more from their existing systems but are not yet ready to move on. We can provide this additional functionality in the form of our Modular One Productivity Modules.

These modules target areas that are generally not well provided for in more generic software offerings. Typically these are the areas that are specific to a client or an industry.

Our Modular One Estimation, Quotation and Enquiry (EQE) product and Stock and Purchasing (STP) product are examples of these. To find out more follow the links on the right.

There is, of course, a seamless upgrade path available for those users who, having experienced the benefits of Central One technology, wish to upgrade from our Modular One products to our Enterprise One solutions