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Electronics Manufacturing is a unique business that presents unique challenges. Technology moves on in leaps and bounds, component lead-times can be variable and pricing structures change, at times, from week to week. On-time delivery is your aim, at the lowest cost and with the highest levels of quality. At times these goals can seem contradictory.

You have also got to manage an array of suppliers providing components, PCB’s and other pieces of technology, aiming for just-in-time delivery for high value parts in order to minimise your cash flow and risk. Logistically your job is complex and time consuming.

And that is before you consider all the things that can go wrong; parts are made obsolete, last time buy notifications are issued, product yields fall resulting in extended delivery schedules.

Central One’s Enterprise One Operational Business Software for Electronics Manufacturers can help you manage these issues. This version of our Central One Software system combines all of the features of our Standard Manufacturing system with a number of powerful additions targeting it specifically to the needs of the Electronics marketplace.

Aimed at SME’s this software provides a comprehensive ERP environment from Quotations and Enquiries, Sales Order Processing, Engineering Control, Stock and Purchasing, to Production Job Management and Invoicing and Despatch.

Extensions for the electronics marketplace include enhanced Component and Supplier management, RFQ’s, full Traceability to batch and serial number, Split Batch and Build Short options together with support for Obsolescence and Last Time Buy management.

Using state-of-the-art Windows™ technology the software provides a hierarchical management environment based on a series of roles and permissions. Management information is easily obtained through powerful, real-time filtering options and comprehensive reports.

Central One’s Electronics Manufacturing extensions make it the product of choice for companies operating in the Electronics Industry.

More details of our Electronics product extension, See the features Here.

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