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Our Enterprise One range of products are cradle to grave operational business software packages aimed at manufacturing companies who want serious product features at sensible prices.

They are full scope, scalable products that can manage the manufacturing process, facilitate the sales cycle and provide a superb level of visibility and management control. They have all the features you’d expect from stock control, production job management, BoM management, drawing control, client and supplier management, sales order processing, and purchase order processing.

They are fully integrated; changes in one part of the business are immediately reflected through the entire system, real-time, communication rich; overdue tasks, problems, violations of business rules etc are all flagged and passed up and down the hierarchy, and transparent; information is easily available via interactive filtering, powerful reporting and the ability to export data in common formats such as Excel.

They are fully scalable: They can grow with your business and are capable of handling multi-site and multi company situations.

We currently offer four Enterprise One Editions:
  • Our Electronics Edition targets electronics companies operating either as sub-contract manufacturers or OEM’s. Developed in conjunction with electronics manufacturers, it includes such features as an RFQ module, Engineering/Schematic control, full component traceability to batch and PO, a multiple call-off manager and a host of others.
  • Our Thermoforming edition targets plastics thermoformers operating in the packaging industry. It has been developed for the needs of that marketplace and includes such features as a thermoforming enquiry, estimation and quotation front end, an alternative materials manager, a multiple call-off manager and a host of others.
  • Our Manufacturing ERP product services markets such as Precision Engineering, Process Engineering, and Project Engineering in addition to many others.